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The Most Mysterious and Alluring Eye Color: Blue Rings around Brown Eyes

Blue Rings around Brown Eyes

Most of us have brown eyes. The Most Mysterious and Alluring Eye Color: Blue Rings around Brown Eyes, but many people across the world have other eye colors, such as green, blue, or even grey.  What causes this fascinating phenomenon? Is it true that people with blue rings around their brown eyes are special? Or just lucky? And what else do we know about this mystery eye color? Read on to find out everything you ever wanted to know about blue rings around brown eyes!

What are blue rings around brown eyes?

Blue rings around brown eyes are formed when the blood vessels in the whites of a person’s eyes turn a blue color. Often, this is caused by genetics, like when two parents have blue-ringed brown eyes themselves. The color comes from pigment molecules in the blood vessels being more yellow than those in green or hazel eye colors. It’s also possible to get blue rings by passing through such conditions as swelling, inflammation, or conjunctivitis. These effects typically show up in both eyes at once, not just one eye–although there are exceptions to this rule.

Blue Rings around Brown Eyes

Why do they occur?

Blue rings around brown eyes is a condition where the iris in the eye becomes blue or light grey, with dark circles of brown remaining around the ring. The most common cause of this condition is when someone has had iritis, which is inflammation of the iris. iritis most often occurs due to infection or inflammation as a result of an allergic reaction. There are also cases where iris atrophy (lack of pigment) can lead to a ring around the pupil which can include gray or blue colors. These rings are caused by hemorrhages that form on the inside surface of the eye.

How can you get them?

You’re in luck! The blue ring around brown eyes is surprisingly easy to get. First, apply any eyeliner or eye shadow that you might want to wear. The color doesn’t matter. Next, just take a lighter to the area around your lower lashes where the eyeshadow might end. If there’s no eyeliner on, you can use your finger as a makeshift eyeliner by dipping it in some white paint then tracing the liner on your lower lash line. Voila! You have blue rings around your brown eyes!

6 Celebrities with Brown Eyed Blue

Aurora Aksnes, Demi Lovato, Victoria Justice, Tyra Banks, Kourtney Kardashian and Leona Lewis are just a few celebrities with brown eyes but possessing some blue rings around the pupils. Have you ever wondered why? To be completely frank with you all there are many reasons for this distinctive eye coloration to occur. Those with blue rings around brown eyes could have been born that way or it could be as simple as contact lenses that discolor the natural hue of their irises.

A small percentage of people may also gain this look from certain eye-related illnesses like uveitis. In these cases, it’s not unusual for both eyes to change colors at once after treatment for the underlying condition subsides or resolves.

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