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Does Unsweet Tea Have Calories? We Did the Research so You Don’t Have To

Does Unsweet Tea Have Calories

Does unsweet tea have calories? we did the research so you don’t have to! Unsweet tea might seem like it would be lower in calories than sweet tea, but the truth may surprise you. What Is Unsweet Tea? Unsweet tea refers to tea that has not been sweetened after being brewed, while sweet tea refers to tea that has been sweetened with sugar or another form of sweetener before brewing, according to Webster’s New World Dictionary. Yes, unsweetened tea does have calories. While the exact amount of calories will vary depending on the recipe, unsweet tea typically contains around 30-50 calories per cup. This is due to the calories in the sugar that is used to sweeten the tea. However, unsweet tea can also be made without sugar, in which case it would be calorie-free.

What is Sweet Tea:

Sweet tea is a southern tradition that dates back to colonial times when sailors drank it while they were loading up on sugar and other sweeteners. If you want to start drinking unsweetened tea, don’t fear. There are plenty of non-sugar sweeteners out there that can be used to achieve that perfect balance of sweetness with zero calorie cost. The two most popular sugar substitutes are Stevia and Splenda. The thing about sweeteners is that you need a small amount in order for them to taste natural but not cloying. So, when starting out with new beverages, go with half a packet at first until you can gauge how your taste buds respond.

Does Unsweet Tea Have Calories

The Facts About Unsweetened Tea:

To answer this question, we took a look at how many calories can be found in two of our favorite unsweetened iced teas: Lipton Pure Leaf and Arizona Sweet Iced Tea. Though they are not exactly the same, they both boast only five calories per 8-ounce serving. Therefore, you may drink these teas guilt-free!

Health Benefits of Drinking Sweet Tea:

Most of the time, sweet tea is loaded with sugar and calories. By drinking unsweetened or decaffeinated versions of your favorite tea varieties, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite flavors without being overloaded with sugar and excess calories. And if you’re watching what you eat for other reasons too, then unsweetened/decaffeinated is a good option as well. Plus, this way of drinking iced tea will leave your lips feeling softer!

Why Choose to Drink Decaffeinated Sweet Tea:

There are numerous benefits to choosing decaffeinated sweet tea over a traditional unsweetened iced tea. First, you’ll significantly reduce your sugar intake. There are 29 grams of sugar in an 8-ounce cup of unsweetened iced tea. In comparison, there are zero grams of sugar in a cup of decaffeinated sweet tea. Second, because there is no added sugar, you can better control how much sweetness you want. When it comes to regular iced tea and unsweetened iced tea, many people drink it as if it were sugary water which means that they’ll have significant amounts of added sugar without even realizing it!

Does Unsweet Tea Have Calories? We Did the Research so You Don’t Have To


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