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Get Rid of Dark Circles with Micro Needling!

Get Rid of Dark Circles with Micro Needling

Get rid of dark circles with micro needling! but do you know what causes dark circles? If not, it’s time you found out because even if you have tried everything to get rid of those pesky under-eye circles nothing has worked until now! We’re going to show you how effective micro-needling can be at eradicating those dark circles once and for all!

What are the common causes of dark circles?

Dark circles can be caused by many factors such as genetics, lifestyle, lack of sleep, or even an abundance of sweating. The particular reason for your dark circles may determine how to treat them. For example, if you are stressed and not sleeping well then you should try lavender essential oil and tea to help improve your quality of sleep. If the dark circles are due to genetics then there is no fix other than surgery which can be quite expensive.

The typical treatment for non-invasive cosmetic purposes is micro needling which breaks up the skin into thousands of micro-injuries that create tiny holes in order to release excess fluid trapped in your body’s tissue.

Get Rid of Dark Circles with Micro Needling

Is there any scientific evidence behind micro-needling?

Facial rejuvenation using micro-needlings has a long history, going back to the ancient Egyptians who would poke themselves in order to remove age spots. They believed that this rejuvenation technique was an aphrodisiac and would make them more attractive. Modern technology took over the practice in the 1990s when doctors used Dermaroller or dermal needling treatments to heal skin lesions. Today, the treatment is applied to help with different ailments like acne scars, chickenpox scars, and dark circles around your eyes. The idea behind micro needling for dark circles is that it opens up the tiny blood vessels around your eyes, which brightens them from the inside out. It also lifts up those sagging facial muscles in your face responsible for causing dark circles under your eyes.

Which ingredients in your skincare products can cause dark circles?

The presence of pteridine in the skin causes people to develop dark circles under the eyes. Having an adequate intake of vitamin A or beta carotene can help relieve the problem. Facial exercises, being well-rested, eating an anti-oxidant-rich diet, and wearing sunglasses to block out damaging UV rays will also minimize the appearance of these dark patches under your eyes. Lastly, it is also important that you avoid consuming foods that contain retinol or alcohol because they dehydrate the skin excessively and can worsen discoloration around the eye area.

Can I get rid of my dark circles by adjusting my skincare routine?

While there are many different causes for dark circles, the most common are puffiness and blood vessels. While getting rid of puffiness is possible by following a strict skin care regimen, you may also need to get rid of the blood vessels below your eye to see an improvement in dark circles.

A recent study found that micro needling–using a special needle that penetrates your skin up to 0.5mm–helps reduce discoloration caused by damaged capillaries in this way. For some people, micro needling alone is enough to help them find relief from their dark circles, but for others, it needs to be paired with Botox injections or laser therapy.

My biggest tip to reduce the appearance of under-eye bags?

To reduce the appearance of under-eye bags, always start out by applying a product that’s specially formulated for reducing dark circles. Then, choose your spot treatment; whether it be aloe vera gel or cocoa butter is up to you. Start by rubbing the gel or butter into the skin around the eyes and gently dab away any excess. Your final step should be applying an ice pack (or a bag of frozen vegetables) on top to reduce inflammation.

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