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How to stay cool this summer: shave your armpits!

How to stay cool this summer: shave your armpits

How to stay cool this summer: shave your armpits! It’s hot out there! It’s the summer season, which means it’s hot out there pretty much all the time. As you walk around sweating in your tank top and shorts, you probably consider whether shaving your armpits will make you sweat less and stay cool this summer. So, does shaving your armpits make you sweat less? Well, as it turns out, the hair itself doesn’t cause you to sweat more or less – but it can affect how quickly sweat evaporates from your skin, which can make a big difference when it comes to cooling down.

How to stay cool this summer: shave your armpits! Why should I start?

Hair absorbs sweat and keeps it near the skin. It will grow back, so you won’t miss a thing by getting rid of that hair once and for all. You’ll feel cleaner, and more comfortable in any type of shirt or dress, and you won’t be stinking up the office air conditioner. Women tend to sweat more than men on average, so with no hair blocking the skin pores in these areas, there’s not much stopping those sweat glands from doing their work. Skin pores produce an oily substance called sebum to coat the skin’s surface which helps block water evaporation but also traps heat close to the body.

How to stay cool this summer: shave your armpits

What do I need?

In the heat of the summer, people may start sweating more, and that often leads to body odor. Luckily, there are several ways you can reduce sweat and combat odor. One of these is shaving your armpits. It might sound unusual, but it works wonders in keeping you cool this summer. Shaving removes the hair from under your arms, which traps perspiration against the skin. Removing this hair means perspiration will evaporate more quickly. You will also be less likely to get prickly heat or dermatitis from too much moisture on your skin because all of the sweat will be able to escape from your skin more quickly. Another great way to stop sweating excessively is using deodorant after a shower.

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