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The Mysterious Muscle Twitch Between Your Thumb and Pointer Finger

Muscle Twitch Between Your Thumb and Pointer Finger

The Mysterious Muscle Twitch Between Your Thumb and Pointer Finger called the abductor pollicis brevis, is one of eight muscles in your hand responsible for moving your fingers and thumb. While they all control various movements of your hand, it’s not uncommon to be unaware of the function or even existence of many of these muscles. If you’ve ever been curious about what that muscle twitch between your thumb and pointer finger does or how you can strengthen it, read on!

The Mysterious Muscle Twitch Between Your Thumb and Pointer Finger-What is the Causes?

Ever have a muscle twitch in between your thumb and pointer finger that wakes you up at night? The best way to calm it down is to rub the inside of your palm. It’s not caused by any sinister medical conditions, but by a common nerve problem that plagues many people called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If you have never heard of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome before, here are some key points about what it is and what you can do about it. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is caused when pressure builds up on a major nerve in your wrist as a result of an injury or due to overuse and/or repetitive motion. There is no cure for CTS, but there are ways to treat the symptoms. Nerve-blocking shots may be used if other treatments don’t work. It’s also important to modify your daily activities so they don’t cause further problems with your wrists or hands: avoid repetitive motions such as typing for long periods of time; avoid carrying heavy objects for long periods of time; stop smoking cigarettes; try sleeping with your hands elevated above heart level; take frequent breaks from hand activity during the day.

Muscle Twitch Between Your Thumb and Pointer Finger

What Causes a Tingling

If you have a muscle twitch between your thumb and pointer finger, it’s likely caused by intermittent pressure on the median nerve. When the median nerve is compressed in one area, this can lead to pain or numbness in another area—like your hand. The ulnar nerve also carries sensory information to your fingers that can be disrupted as a result of pinching or pulling the median nerve, which may cause tingling or numbness. It’s important to note that there are many other conditions that may also cause tinglings, like carpal tunnel syndrome or cubital tunnel syndrome; but for most people with muscle twitches between their thumb and pointer finger, these benign compression syndromes are the root cause.

How to Stop it

Muscle twitches happen often, but most are not serious. When a muscle goes into spasm or becomes inflamed, these twitches will be more frequent and often painful. Most people know when their muscles are in spasm or have an injury, but can’t figure out why it happened. These three stretches should help prevent your muscles from getting spasms that lead to twitchy hands. Stretch them on occasion, stretch them tight for 15 seconds, then release with another stretch for at least 30 seconds and repeat as necessary throughout the day.

How Common is it?

When you have a muscle twitch in between your thumb and pointer finger, the first step is to try massaging it. This may provide relief. Sometimes a blood test may need to be taken as well to rule out any underlying conditions or other types of muscle twitches. If you are worried that this condition is caused by something serious, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Are There Ways to Treat it?

If you have found yourself with a sudden muscle twitch, there are a few ways to diagnose the problem. First, it is important to figure out whether or not the muscle is actually spasming or if it is just twitching. If the muscle only twitches for a second, then that’s usually okay. However, if you are still experiencing these symptoms for longer than 3 seconds then that could be a sign of a more serious medical condition. Next up, figure out where exactly on your hand the twitch is happening. Twitches can happen in different areas, such as between your thumb and pointer finger or between your thumb and index finger. Some doctors recommend looking at what hand positions cause the most pain in order to determine what part of the body may be causing the problems. There are a variety of possible causes, such as nerve issues, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, etc., so you should see a doctor if any of these symptoms persist.

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