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Pregnancy Check-Up Tests

During pregnancy, the main goal is to ensure the health of both the mom and the baby. To make sure everything is on track, specific tests are done regularly. These tests, often called ‘screening’ tests, usually show normal results.

What is screening?

Screening in medicine means looking for any abnormalities, diseases, or problems. It’s a way of checking healthy individuals for their risk of developing issues. The results are typically categorized as ‘low risk’ (a small chance of problems) or ‘high risk.’

What conditions do we check for during pregnancy?

For the mom, we screen for issues like hypothyroidism, anemia, beta thalassemia, and infections such as HIV and Hepatitis. We also check for gestational diabetes, hypertension, and urine infections.

For the baby, we look for chromosomal abnormalities (like Down syndrome), structural issues, malformations, and signs of growth restriction. These tests help us monitor and ensure a healthy pregnancy journey for both the mother and the baby.

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