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Pregnancy Symptoms Week 4: Changes In The Baby

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 4: Changes In The Baby

Week 4 is when most pregnant women start to notice changes in their babies. This week will cover the basics of what to expect during this time.

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 4: Changes In The Baby
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 4 Changes In The Baby

The Head Is Now Large Enough To See

The baby’s head is now large enough to see! Some of the most common changes during the fourth week of pregnancy include a noticeable increase in size, a change in shape, and the emergence of new features.

The Heartbeat Becomes More Frequent

The baby’s heart begins to beat more frequently during the fourth week of pregnancy. This is due to the baby’s increasing size and complexity. The heart now pumps blood at a faster rate, which in turn requires more oxygen.

The Legs And Arms Are Developing Well

The legs and arms are developing well, according to the pregnancy symptoms week 4 changes in the baby. The baby’s movements are becoming more frequent and vigorous, as is their breathing. The mother’s uterus is continuing to grow, and her breasts are enlarging.

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The Baby’s Appearance Changes

There are a few changes that can be seen in the baby during the fourth week of pregnancy. The baby’s face may become rounder, and their skin may become smoother. The baby’s eyes may also start to close at night, which is a sign that they are getting more rest.

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 4 Summary

Changes in the baby are evident during week four of pregnancy. The baby’s heart rate, movements, and size may all be changing. In addition, some common pregnancy symptoms may also be increasing, such as morning sickness and fatigue. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to speak with your doctor to rule out any potential health concerns.


Pregnancy symptoms week 4 is a great way to get started on understanding what you’ll be experiencing during pregnancy.

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