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The Adorable Reason Why Your Baby Stares at You

Why Your Baby Stares at You

The Adorable Reason Why Your Baby Stares at You your baby starIt seems like there’s an unspoken bond between you and your baby that nobody else can understand. You’re both looking at each other while he or she tries to figure out what you are—and maybe why you aren’t making any noise. But what exactly is going on here? Why does your baby stare at you

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Babies are Born With An Eye for Detail:

It turns out that babies are born with an eye for detail. They can see and process about 6 times more details in their environment than adults do, which is why they tend to stare. When we look at things, our brains take some shortcuts and extrapolate missing information to fill in the gaps, but a baby’s brain doesn’t know how to do this yet. This is why a baby will see your nose getting redder or your hair turning lighter as you age while we don’t notice these details since they’re so small.

Why Your Baby Stares at You

Newborn Infants Recognize Their Parents:

A recent study found that babies can recognize their parents from the sound of their voice. The study involved 33 infants between four weeks and six months old, who were presented with videos of their parents, close relatives and strangers, while sitting in a car seat designed to block out all sights and sounds. Babies responded with longer looking periods when they heard their own mother or father’s voice, as well as increasing touch sensitivity on their skin—sometimes even leading to tears—and exhibited ‘smiling’ mouth movements when hearing familiar voices. It has been speculated that baby’s instinctive smiling or joy-expression is directly linked to being comforted by a familiar voice.

Babies use Their Eyes to Communicate:

Babies are constantly communicating with you, even before they start to speak. Their facial expressions, body language and eye contact is all a way of asking you for something or telling you that they are happy or mad. When your baby starts to focus their gaze on you, this means that they want your attention – whether it’s to play with them or just for some cuddles. If your baby has started doing this recently, then this could be a sign that they are becoming more aware of their surroundings and trying to communicate with the people around them in an early attempt at language.

An Eye for Detail Develops Quickly:

The early days of parenting can be really challenging and one of the best things that can help you get through them is a deeper understanding of your baby. Staring may seem like a strange way for babies to communicate, but they’re actually doing it to get the attention they need or want. According to science, when infants look up into their parents’ eyes, it has been found that they see only black and white until they’re around four months old. This means that gazing may also be how babies are getting information about how close someone is to them. If your little one consistently has their gaze fixed on you with curiosity or wonder in their eyes, consider this as one more amazing quality of theirs!

What Does This Mean For You?

There are so many reasons why your baby might stare, but most often the reasons have to do with what they see. The first thing to consider is whether or not your baby has their eyes open. If they’re just starting to wake up and their eyes are half-open, they might be trying to get a better look at you or figure out where they are. Of course, once their eyes fully open, the main attraction will be you! Babies also stare because they’re processing new information. They might be checking out your smile and facial expressions or your clothes and figuring out what everything is around them like how things feel on their hands.

Tips to Connect with Your Child Through Eye Contact:

Here are four tips to help you have more eye contact with your child:

  1. Dim the lights in the room and let there be as little lighting as possible, turn off the television and put your phone away.
  2. Don’t do anything else while making eye contact. If you feel awkward or self-conscious, try practicing on friends or family before going on a date night with your spouse.
  3. Don’t break eye contact too soon when it becomes uncomfortable for either party – after 20 seconds or so it is okay to break it by looking down briefly (but don’t forget to go back up again!).
  4. Learn how to read their mood. The pupil of their eyes will tell you a lot about what they’re feeling.

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